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The dealer will then be dealt his two cards, one face-up and one face-down, which is known as the hole card. In these circumstances, taking the hit of losing half your stake may save you money in the long run. Did you know you can even play live blackjack where you can see and hear the dealer? Featured Online Casino Reviews. This game is for entertainment purposes ONLY, giving you a chance to practice your skills 2.

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You can also visit some of the best Blackjack online casinos in South Africa from our table below to try your hand at the game for real money. When you're ready, hit the "Deal Button". This game is for entertainment purposes ONLY, giving you a chance to practice your skills 2. You are not required to deposit any money to enjoy this game nor do we pay-out winnings. The origins of blackjack can be traced back to a game called "vingt-en-un "21" which was played in France in the early seventeenth century.

An Italian game, called "seven and a half", played in the same period, required players to combine the values of the cards in their hand and had a concept of going bust and this was most likely incorporated into the game of blackjack. After the French Revolution, blackjack was brought to the US where it became immediately popular. It is now available online, as well as at Mobile Casinos.

Each card in the game of blackjack has a value and these values are added together to form a total hand value. Cards two through ten have their face value; face cards have a value of ten and Aces have a value of one or eleven depending on the value of the other cards in the hand. Clicking on the download button will lead to the installation of Windows compatible casino software on your PC, which will enable you to register and play on our casino platform.

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How To Play UK Blackjack The online casino game is essentially the same as the traditional version with a few nuances to make it even more of a challenge, and that much more exciting!

Now these are a few of the standard rules of UK Blackjack: Player is permitted to split up to 4 hands. After splitting an Ace you can only hit for one more card. South Africans still continue to play at these online Blackjack sites though. The situation is comparable to what is going on in the USA. In September, , the chief commissioner in the review of online gambling recommended legalizing online Blackjack, poker and casino gambling in general.

Various organizations have already started negotiating with the South African government. The quality of the casino and the selection of Blackjack games also comes into play. South Africans like variety just like Blackjack players from any other country. There are a few South African Blackjack sites that have added new games to their software. Here is an overview of the best Internet Blackjack sites for players from South Africa. This makes things much easier for players from South Africa.