Cheating at Blackjack

Additionally, most large-scale casinos have similar rules, making blackjack a whole lot less complicated. These are listed for informational purposes only. In short, playing online at casinos could not be safer. Do Blackjack Betting Systems Work? This gives the dealer the ability to help players or bust them at will. John Ferguson, who is better known by his pen name Stanford Wong, has become legendary throughout the blackjack world for writing some game-changing blackjack books.

Why Players Must Avoid Cheating

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There are several ways in which cards can be marked to benefit either the dealer or the player. The bumps on the cards tell the dealer what types of cards are coming up. For example, someone might peg all value cards in one location and peg all Aces in another location. The cheater will then know whenever a 10 value card or Ace is coming up. The cheater can then use that information to either help or hurt specific players at the table.

Another form of card marking uses special inks or dyes can only be seen by players wearing special contacts or glasses. Players then find ways to mark those cards at the table without anyone noticing. If successful, players can tell when the dealer is about to get a blackjack and then adjust their play accordingly. Teamwork methods such as spooking, front-loading and first-basing are simple but effective methods of cheating at blackjack. That person then signals the information to one of his friends at the table.

Spooking is accomplished by having one person sit or stand behind the dealer. That person will use some kind of signal to relay that information to a friend who is seated at the blackjack table. First-basing uses two people at the same blackjack table.

One person sits immediately next to the dealer and bets the table minimum. From his location, the first-base player can peak at the down cards of careless dealers. That player can then signal the information across the table to someone else who is betting large sums of money.

Front-loading is a technique in which a player sits in front of the dealer and gets a low angle on the table. If the dealer slides his down-card beneath the up-card from the front, he sometimes tips the down-card upwards slightly. Players with the right angle can see that card and then signal that information to someone else at the table.

The high-low pickup is a cheating method that the dealer can employ. After a hand of blackjack is completed, the dealer picks up the cards in a high-low order. The dealer then uses a fake shuffle to make it look like he has shuffled the cards without actually rearranging them. From here, the dealer knows the basic order of the cards.

This gives the dealer the ability to help players or bust them at will. Dealer collusion is a very effective form of blackjack cheating. The dealer can make sure the player who is in on it gets a peak at the hole card, or perhaps even stack the deck for them on certain hands where the player bets big. This means that dealers are unlikely to engage in collusion with players, since they risk losing their job, or even facing criminal prosecution. The concept is simple: This is slightly less ridiculous than it sounds on the surface because a great magician could easily get away with this without being detected — once or twice.

Marking or bending cards allows you to know the value of face-down cards. Players can attempt to create notches in the cards by using their fingernails, or bend them just slightly when picking them up in games where the players are dealt cards face down. Of course, there are a number of problems with this method of blackjack cheating. For one thing, anything but the most subtle marks or bends will be seen by the dealer or other casino workers sooner or later.

There are always people trying to ruin a good thing. For years, blackjack players have been trying to find ways to cheat at blackjack to beat the casinos out of their money. I will start by saying that I believe all players trying to learn blackjack cheating should be banned from casinos and held accountable to the law. There is no room in the game of blackjack for cheaters and we do not recommend that any blackjack player attempt any of the common blackjack cheating methods that we discuss here.

These are listed for informational purposes only. Suprisingly enough, even some of the world's greatest and smartest blackjack players have been arrested for cheating at blackjack. All of these blackjack cheats are extremely well known to casino security. Casino security isn't fooled very easily these days and they don't take to blackjack cheaters very well.

Methods for Cheating at Blackjack