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Anyone can earn credit-by-exam regardless of age or education level. Email already in use. Lesson 3 - Abolitionist Movement: Lesson 6 - Setting in Literature: Lesson 1 - Slavery in America: Access this textbook companion on any smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Course Topics

And here I am two years later. I am working hard and getting excellent grades. And I know now with a little hard work and determination, I can go to college if I choose. I get personal pleasure in knowing all I needed was the right tools and support, and I can excel! Please call us at to discuss which eighth grade homeschool program is best for your child. Gain immediate access to resources, suggestions, and proven tools to boost your child's learning experience.

Literature Literature study is integrated into the 8th grade English courses; however, students are also encouraged to read and submit specific assignments for four different classic literature titles. Math Problem Solving Eighth grade students are placed in a math program that is suitable to meet their needs and abilities.

Remedial Math, General Math a review of fractions, decimals and consumer math , Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Consumer Math Science Eighth grade students are placed in a science program that will meet their needs while preparing them for their future studies in science. Earth and Space Science, Physical Science, Biology Electives Eighth grade students may opt to take electives through our online learning labs. Select a Grade Level: Click to see Homeschool Curriculum by Grade Level.

How did you hear about us? Unsubscribe at any time. Use our Package Finder to find the right fit. Live Online Courses Available for grades 1 - 12 Build engagement and excitement with classes taught by a certified instructor. They will move on to discuss principles of physical science and energy.

In the life science portion of the course, students will cover structure and function of organisms, genetics and evolution, and tenets of ecology. This will flow into the environmental science topics including earth's cycles and environmental problems.

A brief discussion of the solar system will also be covered. Students will learn about the assigned topics through interactive activities, experimentation, discussion, and engaging text and animations. Graded assignments will be stimulating and thought-provoking, hopefully paving the way for future interest in the scientific disciplines. Students will build on their concepts of geography, civics, and political societies beginning with the world as it was in the 's followed by the natural unfolding of events from the explorations, the establishment the colonies, the colonial era and both the French and Indian War and The Revolutionary War.

The development of American government from a confederation to a constitutional one, the launching of the Republic, through the War of , the growth and development of the nation through the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark exploration on through Manifest Destiny and the Mexican War will follow. Students will explore the changes in the nation from immigration and abolition issues to the Civil War and Reconstruction.

Now accepting alternate open enrollment applications for ! Students are free to work ahead, so they can get easier classes out of the way and spend more time focusing on more difficult subjects. The holistic education our program provides ensures every student is prepared to succeed in their future academic undertakings.

The 8th grade core classes are: Students can comprehend and evaluate both fiction and nonfiction texts. Full Year Grade Level: The basic geometric concepts of triangles, polygons, perimeter, area, surface area and volume will also be introduced Learning Targets: Students will know and be able to analyze different types of equations and choose the appropriate method to solve for the variable.

Students will know and be able to exhibit techniques for evaluating and simplifying algebraic expressions.

Students will know and be able to manipulate data to write an equation of line. Students will know and be able to use probability in mathematical and real life situations.

Students will be know and be able to use Pythagorean Theorem, basic geometric formulas, trigonometric ratios, and identify transformations.

Successful completion of 7th-grade math. Generate and evaluate evidence and explanations according to accepted scientific practices. Know, use, and interpret scientific explanations of the natural world. Understand the development and evolution of scientific knowledge. Communicate productively through discourse and other scientific practices Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course.

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