Numbers game for 6th grade – Spin the wheel team game

Get to understand ratios and rates Learn more about rational numbers and negative numbers Write, interpret and use equations Become familiar with statistics And review other topics too! Choose a skill above to see how easy and fun! If you are having any issues please email us at help rosimosi. Learn important 6th Grade lessons with these 15 fun and interactive games! Join millions already playing Prodigy Math Game to learn math for free! For each correct answer students earn 7 points, but each mistake costs them 3 points. Account Options Sign in.

Number theory problems game for 6th graders


If you are having any issues please email us at help rosimosi. If you're enjoying the game then we'd love for you to leave us a review! Reviews help small developers like us to keep improving the game. And if you love the games then be sure to leave us a review, it really helps us out! Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games. Barnyard Games For Kids Free. Fun and educational games for kids! Join millions already playing Prodigy Math Game to learn math for free!

Learn math while playing! A reading program to help kids to learn to read English, Spanish,Chinese, French. Factors and Multiples This is an entertaining math jeopardy game about factors, multiples, prime factorization, GCF greatest common factor , and LCM least common multiple. Fast-paced, realistic action makes this cool car racing game a winner.

For each correct answer to a math problem, you will enter a second bonus round. Factors This millionaire game is a fun way of assessing students' knowledge about factors and divisibility. It can be used as a review activity in the classroom or at home. Math Magician Integers Game Is the solution positive, negative, or zero?

Try this fun Math Magician Integers Game. For each correct answer, you will enter a bonus round where you can earn points by smashing monsters. The math problems are about finding the greatest common factors and the least common multiples. Prime Factorization Spinner Game In this interactive multi-player game, 6th grade students will practice finding the prime factorization of different composite numbers. Place Value This is an interactive millionaire game about place value in whole numbers and decimals.

You can play it alone, with a partner, or in two teams. Making 24 - The Game of Numbers New In this activity, 6th grade students will have to use four whole numbers and different operations to get number 24 as the final answer. Simplifying Fractions In this soccer math game kids will have fun reducing fractions to the simplest form.

Reducing Fractions Do you love baseball? Then play this fun game and practice hitting homeruns and simplifying fractions to earn tons of points.

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