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Supercharge those reels and win for real at casino. When you are ready to play at US online casinos for real money you want to have a great experience. Also you can follow this link for more information on the best gambling sites and local casinos. What animal does bacon, ham and pork chops come from? Enjoy the classic version of the game show with fun new twists including the High Roller and Lightning Rounds.

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Challenge special Lightning and High Roller rounds. Unlock and build Collections for specially-themed shows. Play Now Download free trial now. Or buy the game Retail: Already bought this game? Click here to download this game again. Terms of services Contact us. I tried the one hour preview and quit after 27 minutes. Some of the questions that are asked are interesting and make you think but a lot of them are no duh's. What made me quit was the fact that it took so LONG between questions, for just some flashing lights.

The lights worked on TV for dramatic effect but for a game to play at home not needed. Will not be buying, won't even finish my free trial. This game is exactly like the game show. I like the setting, testing yourself against the mob, and learning new things when the questions get hard. What I don't like, and what kept it from being 4 stars for me, is repeating all the lights and the same responses over and over from the emcee.

But even though that is annoying, I still enjoy the challenge of trying to beat the mob. It's a nice diversion for a half hour or so. Some of the answers to the questions are wrong. This causes you to lose the game. Not worth the money.

I like being able to slowly accumulate a large jackpot of money by answering trivia questions, knowing that if I answer a question wrong I will lose everything. I like the three helps that can be used, I like the bonuses, and I like the interesting wording of the questions. The only complaint that I have is that some questionns are too easy, and some are too hard. What animal does bacon, ham and pork chops come from? What Scandinavian country uses the most ketchup per capita? How am I supposed to know!

This game is almost exactly like the game show. It is hard if you don't know the answers. Thank you for writing a review! Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Well the only 1 vs game i know is on xbox and its free. But to download you must have an xbox live gold subscription. Its a multiplayer only game that is going on most days.

Monday- thursday is trivia, friday- sunday is the real game. Play 1 Vs Online. Xbox live has it online where you compete against millions at a time. But its only free if you actually have Xbox live. If you have an xbox with internet connection play it there.

I played all summer and it never got boring. Plus it makes you feel really smart: Related Questions Where can i play 1 vs online?

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