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The suit Bugs wears in the spy car is similar to the suit he has worn during musical-themed cartoons such as Chuck Jones' Long-Haired Hare Coyote's opening scene has him freeze in mid-run and a caption appears reading "Coyote: This is a reference to the scientific captions that describe both Coyote and Road Runner during each of their cartoon appearances.

The Coyote does not speak and communicates by holding up speech signs, another reference to the cartoons. The music during his scenes also matches his movements or emotions. Coyote is also caught in numerous ACME weapons including a missile, dynamite and off-screen fireworks, a safe and a glass window. Foghorn Leghorn at one point strikes Yosemite Sam with a plank of wood after the latter asked him to "hit me".

Yosemite Sam was actually referring to a term used in blackjack. Twisted words are often used in Looney Tunes cartoons for gags. The banana peel is a common gag item used for slapstick scenes. The scene where D. When walking through the desert, at one point Bugs says "I told you we should make that left turn at Albuquerque. At Area 52, Bugs holds up a classic 'screwball' sign. Bugs mentions upon meeting Elmer Fudd that they have made 35 cartoons together. This is a fairly accurate approximation of the number of Bugs and Elmer cartoons made during the golden age of Looney Tunes.

They tweet like normal birds but through subtitles they reveal that they are saying Tweety's catchphrase, "I tawt I taw a puddy tat". Chairman's bodyguard, is armed with a disintegration pistol. Chairman describes as overkill. This is reference to the over-the-top weapons used by Wile E. Coyote and other characters in the cartoons. Duck Dodgers flight into space is similar to his introductory announcement, involving him leaping into the air with a light shining behind him. As Daffy tries to fly out of the space shuttle to save the world, jetpacks on his back continuously explode without warning.

This is a common gag seen in the cartoons, which involves items exploding without any igniting or source. The film concludes with Porky Pig appearing in the zoomed in ending iris trying to say "That's all, Folks! However, in a little twist, the famous text is written beneath him, and he stutters so much that the music ends and the title is already finished writing before he can get the words out. The screen goes half-dark, and he gives up and says frustratingly "Go home, folks!

Cinematic references In a nod to WB arch-competitor Disney and their current rival Pixar's Finding Nemo , after a water tower floods the studio lot, Bugs, fishing in a boat in back of Kate's Alfa Romeo, declares, "Hey, whadda ya know? Some run throughout the film, but most are only brief scenes which merely show the characters, challenging the viewer to recall where they have seen that familiar face. An incomplete list of such amusing references, in rough order of appearance, includes: The concept of Area 51 being only a cover for Area 52 was first used in the television program NewsRadio, in the third season episode "President".

The Maltese Falcon can be seen on the shelf in the WB office scene. Batman and the Batmobile from the film versions of Batman the Batmobile is identical to the one from Tim Burton's films, while Batman himself resembles the version from Christopher Nolan's films. The sound effects made by D.

Alfred Hitchcock reportedly used chocolate syrup for the blood in the original scene, presumably because the combination of color-tone and consistency worked well in a black-and-white film. Coyote's missile alludes to the nuclear bomb from Dr.

The domed robotic creatures yelling "Exterminate them! Who and the Daleks and Daleks - Invasion Earth AD distinguishable from the TV versions by the "vapor spray" weapon, although there seems to got circle-shaped death-Ray with it. It was at the insistence of Steve Martin that Daleks be used in that scene.

This was the cause of a minor legal issue as the Daleks are owned by the estate of Terry Nation and are not in the public domain as was assumed. Kevin McCarthy reprises his role as Dr. Miles Bennell from the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers , even appearing in black-and-white and carrying a pod creature.

He repeats his plaintive warning from the end of that movie: The weapons cabinet which suddenly pops into place evokes a similar scene from The Matrix The snapping plant is from the sci-fi movie. The movie poster displaying Lewis open-mouthed in German officer attire is authentic. The Blue Monkey diamond at the heart of the film's plot is most likely a reference to the Pink Panther diamond at the heart of the plot of the eponymous film, especially since a successful animated character developed from the concept.

When multicolored Tweety birds attack Sylvester, the original Tweety, dressed in colorful African garb, yells, "Cwy fweedom! Or In the monkey village scene, the booby-trapped "Barrel of Monkeys", the darts, and the rock that creates a "pressed duck" all pay homage to Raiders of the Lost Ark A possible reference is after Damien Drake throws a grenade, the guard lets out the Wilhelm Scream.

Henchman is somewhat a spoof of Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers series. Henchman does the same TV mess up that Dr. Evil did in the first film. Also, the international trailer for the film uses a piece from the Austin Powers score. There are also a number of Star Wars saga riffs throughout Back in Action: In the monkey village, when the ACME chairman pulls off his second costume and shows himself as Damien, he says, "Look into your heart.

You know it's true. When Marvin finally spins off into space after accidentally "bubbling" himself, he says, "Darn Dark Side! In the scene where Daffy Duck and DJ Drake are making their way to Las Vegas, DJ tries to convince Daffy that he is not a full-time security guard as believed and tries to make himself sound good by claiming that he is a stuntman. I'm in there more than Brendan Fraser is. At the end of the film, DJ actually meets Fraser, whom he punches. Art references In the scene at the Louvre, where Elmer Fudd maniacally pursues Bugs and Daffy into and out of paintings, many famous works of art are abused in classic zany cartoon style.

Houghton was Hepburn's middle name. Coincidentally, Hepburn died the same year the film was released In the "Batman" stunt scene, Roger Corman, prolific B-movie director and the man who started Dante's career, essentially appears as himself. The secret government facility, "Area 52", pokes fun at the mysterious "Area 51" facility on the Nellis Air Force Range, unacknowledged by the U.

The alien tickling scene recalls Ray Santilli's infamous "Alien Autopsy" videotape, still a popular subject of ufologists despite its lack of credibility. During the chase in Yosemite Sam's casino, the participants run across some dogs playing poker, much like in Looks Like Four of a Kind by C. Coolidge, an oil painting better known as "Dogs Playing Poker". Special movie decals added to the regular DuPont "flame" design in for the race at Phoenix International Raceway to promote the movie, as well as cars driven by Brian Vickers and Steve Park.

The scene with a Wal-Mart store in the middle of the desert mocks not only Wal-Mart's ubiquity, but also general commercial product placement in films. The heroes hold a conversation peppered with Wal-Mart slogans and product names. Coyote uses to order his missile system has a browser that looks suspiciously like Microsoft's Internet Explorer a rival of Time Warner's Netscape. The website he orders it from blares an offer for free gift-wrapping that looks very much like Amazon.

Joan Cusack's character is called "Mother", a reference to the head of the spy organization on the TV series The Avengers. In the opening shots of Paris, two nuns can be seen walking alongside several pairs of girls in blue dresses.

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