4th Grade Science Fair Projects

There are several theories and even more individuals who will vouch for the fact that plants indeed grow better with music. Judging Depending on how large the science fair is, you may be interviewed by a judge or several judges. Password confirm does not match password. Tutoring Solution 9 chapters lessons. If you're looking for project ideas and solid information on how to do a science fair project, then you've come to the right place.

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What Are Some Original 5th Grade Science Projects?

The rats should be able to go through the maze within 20 seconds. After the rats learn the maze, play different music for them as they go through the maze. Play classical music, rock music or no music. Record the time results for each rat to determine if music helps or harms its quest. Use different kinds of real home insulation, or use insulation materials of your own.

Fill several containers each with a separate kind of insulation. Place a smaller container inside the insulation containers and place some ice inside. Close the inside containers. Record how long it takes for the ice to melt inside each insulation type.

Melt the ice on in a container without insulation for a test group. Record the best kind of insulation and whether it matched your initial hypothesis ideas. Heat water in different temperature increments from 0 degrees Celsius to 99 degrees Celsius. Place a soluble tablet into each container. Imagine that you want to create your own brand of colored candies. You know they would be a success if only you could figure out how to make a certain color, such as purple. How can you do this when government regulators have approved just a few food dyes?

First, you will need to find out how your competitors make all of their colors from these few dyes. Do different candy brands use the same or different dyes? This can be figured out with gel electrophoresis, a technique commonly used in… Read more. This project requires a. See the Materials and Equipment list for details.

Use caution when heating the agarose. Never connect more than five 9-volt V batteries together for this project. If you like music and musical instruments, here is a project that might resonate with you! This is a fun experiment to investigate materials that could be used to build acoustic musical instruments.

You can use a music box mechanism and a sound level meter to see which materials make the best soundboards. Graphical methods of data presentation are a key feature of scientific communication. This project will get you thinking about how to find the best way to communicate scientific information.

If you like solving challenging puzzles, this could be a good project for you. In this project you will research different methods for solving a Rubik's cube, and then do an experiment to compare them to each other.

Which method works fastest? To do this project you should enjoy solving puzzles and thinking in three dimensions. You've probably heard about differences between the left brain and the right brain in people.

Did you ever wonder where that came from? Do other animals have specialized brain hemispheres too? One hypothesis has it that brain lateralization evolved as a survival mechanism in animals with eyes on the sides of their heads.

Due to the shortness of horizontal space, human beings are now starting to spread vertically. This project will give you a chance to venture into social and environmental issues as well. It is a great way to explore your interests and showcase your presentation skills. Do plants grow better with music?

There are several theories and even more individuals who will vouch for the fact that plants indeed grow better with music.

It is the experiment that proves the similarity between plants and human beings. It proves that plants have the ability to relate to the sound in their environment.

It is a really fun project to take up. How do volcanoes work? Volcanoes are a matter of intrigue and interest in middle school. It is one of the most popular projects and can be displayed in more ways than one. This project will give you a chance to display your inventive skills and your creativity.

Remember, geniuses don't do different things, they do things differently. Is it easier to remember a song that you hear than a poem that you read? I am inclined to believe that it is easier for some and not for some. But research for this project will lead you to delve into the depths of human behavioral psychology.

Mind you, this will surely lead you into more and more research in this arena. What is hydro power? How is it generated? Power generation is gaining a lot of popularity lately, simply due to its requirement. Moreover, this is an interesting and a fairly easy project to make. You can also go as far as to suggest a certain alternative method to produce power. If it works, you can be famous. Many individuals state that they find it much easier to study math while they listen to music.

I am one of them. The music forms the white noise that keeps me stuck in the frame of mind to study math. But is there really a correlation between the two?

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