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The boat he has is the 9 not the It also appears that the prop on the Impulse isn't as deep in the water. All times are GMT Will be taking it to the shop tomorrow to see if they can figure it out. Sign up now to remove ads between posts. Mid Michigan Electric Unlimiteds Texas:

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The prop spins freely, doesnt appear to have any problems there. Each battery lasted about 3 min and are being charged again. Also I noticed after the 3 min of running the esc was warm.

It wasnt hot but it was warm to the touch. Can you return the boat to where you bought it from and get a replacement? Something isn't right with it and this seems the easiest solution. Sounds like you could have a defective ESC. Does the boat have any type of water cooling? If yes, check to make sure there is circulation.

It is possible that the ESC settings could be off. Check your instruction sheet thoroughly, and if there are no settings for the ESC, then take it back and get a different one. It is very odd behavior. Usually indicates an ESC problem or battery problem. I am more inclined to think it is the ESC. After reading the manual, I learned that the ESC has a low voltage cutoff that will shut down when not enough power is given from the battery. Also, the receiver and ESC are a combined package and may require "rebinding".

Instructions for that are in the manual. One of the symptoms you mentioned run for brief moment then shut down is a listed symptom in the troubleshooting part of the manual. The solution is to rebind the transmitter and ESC combo. I would try this first and if still having trouble, return it for a replacement. Last edited by circuitfxr; Mar 15, at Like circuitfxr said above!

I was composing this and reading the manual before I posted. But this might still help. A friend of mine has one and made the following comments and suggestions: Review the manual as Nick said above. Read everyone of them and if you find no resolution, call support directly. Support Phone [It's a free call!

Motor power pulses then motor loses power pg Do not ship LiPo batteries to Horizon. If you have any issue with a LiPo battery, please contact the appropriate Horizon Product Support office. I think you might have been reading the wrong manual. The boat he has is the 9 not the The 9 has a brushed motor with NiMH battery. The 29 has a brushless motor with LiPo battery. All the stuff you wrote about is regarding a brushless setup.

Spring time outdoor projects. Agree on brushless issue, my friend might have been confused,but the manual is for the 9, so it should give him some answers or else he should call support. On re-reading, it often refers to cold weather and unless he's one of the lucky ones, that could be an important issue.

Another boater leaves a spare battery out in the sun while running on the first. There is the very precise start up and shut down sequences. One slip up could cause a failure in the system. It even recommends that the batteries be disconnected for transport to lakeside. Could just be a finicky system and maybe he could go back to his LHS, since he does say he brought it home and opened it up.

I wish him luck. I have rebound the remote. Would it be advisable to replace with another similar one or try and go brushless? Have you compared it to stock videos online? With boats of this size, it becomes diminishing returns to put much money into brushless systems. However, having run many very small hulls, you could run one of the many outrunner setups that are designed for the 14" riggers. The real issue comes into play when you start running lipos that weigh more. At some point, the overall design is for that scale size.

If you're running in a swimming pool, you'll almost always be turning at higher speeds which causes the boat to run more wet. The real question is, are you unhappy with the speed and how long do you want to run with the higher temps you are seeing. The first thing to really check is to see if the driveline is spinning freely while it is off of course.

If there's resistance, then your issue may be with the shaft where it is binding for some reason. The driveline is completely free. I'm not looking for blistering speed as I want to keep running it in the pool, I guess my issue is the fact my brothers impulse 9 is quite a bit faster.

I realize the surface drive is to his advantage but just for speeding around the pool my blackjack doesn't even come close to the impulse's speed. I would compare the speed to some of the stock videos online. Also, check to see if there is any visible damage to the prop. One of the things that is very tough for this particular model is the angle of the prop shaft.

Typically, regardless of model size, we run a neutral angle. In other words, when you place the model on a flat surface, the prop shaft should be very close to parallel with the steps. Most of the time it won't be on the same plane, meaning that it may sit deeper in the water. However, the most efficient use of the prop is with a neutral shaft.

With the way it is designed, it has a lot of negative angle which forces the nose down. The intent of this design feature is to avoid flipping which could become very frustrating for some fun-run users. It appears that the Impulse has less angle and when combined with less wetted surface as the boat continues to come up out of the water, it would explain why it may be faster on the same components.

It also appears that the prop on the Impulse isn't as deep in the water. This could also be the reason why it runs cooler than the Blackjack. Not having one in front of me, does the Blackjack9 have a solid drive shaft or is it a flexible cable?

It appears on the website to be a straight shaft, but it would be good to confirm. The good news is that there may be some inexpensive options to address this issue if you so choose. It's a solid shaft driveline and no strut. You control the ride characteristics via trim tabs.

The impulse has a surface drive which is part of what makes it faster I'm sure. I recently picked up these mini boats to play around with in our pool.

These are some fun little boats with some tinkering. I burnt up the motor in the Blackjack after about 6 packs through it. Im running the stock 6 cell Nimh packs and some 2 cell lipos. They are pretty darn quick on the lipos. They are not the stock Proboat replacements. For the Blackjack motor cooling I used a HeliMax clip-on motor heatsink.

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