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Many companies are interested in finding student interns. To determine which is used most often by employers in their job descriptions, simply type the terms, separated with commas, into the JobTrends search box. Plan your next getaway today. Download the free physician job search app from PracticeMatch. You can present your certification several different ways: Must have active CA guard

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Then, click on "Find Trends," and Indeed will show you which keyword or keyword phrase is being used most frequently today as well as the trend in the usage up or down since You can present your certification several different ways: To determine which is used most often by employers in their job descriptions, simply type the terms, separated with commas, into the JobTrends search box.

Then, Indeed will analyze millions of job descriptions to show you what the relative and absolute trends are for those terms so you can choose the best version to use in your profiles. If possible, find a way to add the top two versions of the term, so you are found when either of those two terms are used.

This is a relatively unique version of your name that you use consistently in your professional communications, including social profiles, publications, blogs, resumes, networking cards, and other visibility. Consistently using a professional name is particularly important when a recruiter or employer is verifying the "facts" on your resume by comparing it with your LinkedIn Profile.

The title for the job that you want next, preferably the version s used by your target employers is a very important set of keywords. Your current and former job titles are also important keywords.

Again, focus on the standard job titles that are used now by your target employers, particularly if current or former employer s used non-standard titles, like "sales star" for a sales rep position. Again, become a slash person when necessary. Use city, state, and Zip code in your profiles so your profile is in the search results for any of those terms.

This enables you to be found in very specific searches as well as "radius" searches around a city or a zip code. Use local regional terms for a geographic area like East Bay Area or Brooklyn, as appropriate for you, for those searchers who use those terms rather than city, state, and Zip. Preferably the skills most in demand for the job you want next e. Use searches on target employer websites or Indeed's JobTrends to figure out which skills are most in demand.

Job-specific, profession-specific, and industry-specific tools and techniques. Include the software required for your target job that you use or have been trained to use, particularly if it's unique to your job, industry, or profession e. If widely-used software like the Microsoft Office set of products are sometimes mentioned in job descriptions for the job you want, be sure to include those keywords, too.

Don't assume that they are so widely used that they don't need to be mentioned. Add any specific hardware that may be required for your target job if you have experience using it or have been trained to use it, particularly if it is unique to your job, industry, or profession e.

If you've been employee of the month, salesperson of the year, or received other recognition from your employer, a customer or client, or your profession or industry, be sure to include it or the most current or relevant recognition in your social profiles. Include the industry and professional organizations or societies that you have joined plus committee membership and current or former officer titles particularly when you find the organization named in job descriptions. Usually, the more acronyms; the better, as long as they are appropriate to your experience and education.

Be sure to include what the acronyms represent too, just in case someone searches on the complete term rather than only the acronym. This does not include texting shortcuts like LOL! Certifications, licenses, or other proof of professional or industry knowledge. Include all proof of professional knowledge or achievement, particularly focusing on those that are current not expired or out-of-date. Mention those groups of employers which are your target employers or most often need your services, like "national specialty retailers" or "general medical" for example.

Include job-specific education you have degrees, majors, applicable course work, post-graduate courses, professional training, on-the-job-training, and certifications, etc.

If you have written any books, white papers, or articles, particularly relevant to the job, industry, or profession you are targeting, be sure to include them. If you write - or have written articles - published on any well-regarded websites, publish your own blog, or have been widely quoted in various media, include the names of those websites and media.

If you have attended relevant trade shows or conference, particularly if you have been a speaker or presented a papers, add those names to your profiles. Regardless of which social profile you are using, to be effective for your job search, all of the profiles that support your job search need to be "find-able" when an employer or recruiter types their search terms into a search engine or social network search box. Include the words that are appropriate for you and your target job, but don't be inaccurate or deceptive.

Friends and colleagues will spot the exaggerations on your social profiles, particularly LinkedIn. Follow me on Google Plus for more job search tips! Joyce is president of NETability, Inc.

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