Top 10 Online 3D Virtual Worlds

The Sims 3 — from Electronic Arts has a historic following. About the author By Josh Romero: Woozworld Woozworld has the potential of engaging you very effectively. Meez Meez is a virtual world, which is very close to reality — sometimes freakishly close! Though the game has been criticized by some for encouraging consumerism among younger children due to in-game advertising, it doesn't seem to be much worse than most social gaming sites. Meet me looks very interesting but G-Rated makes it annoying for me.

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Runescape is certainly awesome and has the largest following. It really should be included somewhere although I do not know if I can put it in the top ten until the graphics get just a little bit better. Runescape HD was a huge improvement but I am looking for just a little bit more improvement.

Cazz, Thank you for your comment. Please see this post on 10 reasons Second Life is better than World of Warcraft. MMO to verry diff.. My Username is Wugmasterx and I can be seen the Freminnik Provence and Ardonouge east , and in Varrock i can be found almost any where. Runescape is a really good game and yes HD was a good upgrade. Also its not only about making money. Smallworlds is really fun and it has A LOT of ppl, u earn ur own gold and tokens, take care of urself and all that.

Nice composed list of virtual worlds. Have you ever been to Frenzoo? I would like to suggest that you check it out once. As of today, there. This list has just been updated! HD videos have been added and positions have changed. I am a lost and very saddened Thereian. I whould like your opinion on which 3d world is most like there? It was indeed a blow to loose There. These are the most similar but also with the most potential for improvement. I can never get Secondlife to work.

It always crashes whenever I try to get on. If so, please tell me how. Or if you have a game where I can really life a second life like having a job and family. Thank you in advance! Both are also free. Me and my brothers and sisters have been playing runescape for the past 5 years and it stay the top favorite game of the family. I have grown beyond runescape because im looking for more than just quest.

It seems that more and more virtual worlds are coming out and ive always wanted to make one of my own, can anyone direct me to where i can start? I have been looking for a good Virtual Universe to play lately.. Not quite sure why A world of my own is rated so low? But anyway, I was happe to see that The Sims 3 made it on the list. I never was a huge fan of SL even though it clearly has the best graphics and biggest fan base the ppl were not that friendly and it was harder to get used to then others.

Meep, YOuniverse, Frenzoo in browser virtual world. Pretty sure you need to add these somewhere. Especially if IMVU made it on.. I wishh they will Opend Backk! Plz wake me up from this NightMare.. This stuff would all me Great if you didnt have to download it it would be much easier and more people would join and computer woundnt be slow or crash my dad doesnt like me downloadin stuff it wipes out the hard drive Plz get bck at me cuz i really want to kno why you have to download these things thnxs.

SecondLife is not just a VirtualWorld to see and move around in. It offers a chance to build anything from land to vehicles to clothes and full avatars.

The scripting is comprehensive enough to make almost anything you want to happen possible. The groups available to help develop your player are extensive covering regular people to complete fantasy. You can contact Nicholai Laviscu in world if you need help finding a good group to start in. Roblox Is A Amazing Game. Some thigns are… Clubpenguin. Who knows, you might like them: My Gaia account is The Hero Kairi. Second Life is literally about giving yourself another life. However, this life will be exactly how you want it to be.

The concept of this virtual world stands apart from the rest and that is the reason why it is extremely famous today. Go on, explore a new life! IMVU boasts of being a highly popular game across the globe. This gives you plenty of options to make friends and chat away. However, chatting is not the only thing for you to do. There are plenty of minigames that you can play from the comforts of your home in this world. Habbo Hotel has plenty of hotels according to countries.

Choose any hotel you want and begin exploring! You can check out the other hotels if you want or you can start decorating your room. You can also socialize with people as you explore to know more about the hotel they chose. Smeet is an exceeltn virtaual world, which has much more than just chatting options. Of course chatting is one of the main components of this virtual world and you can chat safely with many players but along with that you can check out the large reservoir of videos they have for you!

Meez is a virtual world, which is very close to reality — sometimes freakishly close! You have a neighborhood that you can explore, just like your own neighborhood. You can make new friends, play new games, watch new videos, or explore the world according to your preferences. SmallWorlds is a world of smaller worlds that you can explore. Metal Gear Solid 5 Wallpapers. The Witcher 3 Wallpapers. About the author By Josh Romero: Popular Galleries Morrigan's Cosplay. Queen of Blades Cosplay.

Kasumi Cosplay from DOA. Life Is Strange Cosplay. Top 3 Best Samus Cosplays. Cortana's Halo Series Evolution. Portal 3 Aperture Science Cosplay. Ibuki Street Fighter Cosplay. Prince of Persia Cosplay. The New Colossus Cheats. Latest Video Games News. Child's Play A Charity: Extra Life A Charity:

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