How to Play 3-Card Poker at a Casino

Three card poker, a fun version of poker that was invented by Derek Webb in , is the version most people play when they head to their casino. This final card is added to each player's hand. This is the stirring tale of how 3 Card Poker came to be — and how to play it like a pro. Unlike regular poker, Three Card Poker has each player trying to beat the dealer or simply get dealt a good hand, rather than compete against each other. For example, a beats Higher of the highest card in each hand wins; if a tie, compare middle ranking cards, then lowest.

How to Play 3 Card Poker Like a Pro

Cards and Initial Bets

The name of this special side bet, which has been a part of the game since its invention in the 's, was registered as a trade mark of SHFL Entertainment, Inc.

Winning hands are paid as follows:. Many online casino software providers have taken to calling this game by different names, presumably in an effort to avoid paying licensing fees for offering Three Card Poker.

The optimal strategy for Three Card Poker is far more straightforward that many other casino card games. It is to the player's disadvantage to exercise this option. Some casinos both on- and offline have started to vary the paytables for the Ante and Play bet. Where this is the case the house edge will vary accordingly. In general these variations have a detrimental impact on the House Edge.

Steve Cross has written a page on Three Card Poker. Wizard of Odds offers a free Three Card Poker game that can be played online in a browser.

Cards and Initial Bets The modern casino game of Three Card Poker is played with a card pack at a special table on which the cards are dealt and bets placed. The ranking of hands for Three Card Poker from lowest to highest is: High Card - three cards of different ranks, not consecutive and not all the same suit, such as Q- J- 9. When comparing two such hands, the highest cards are compared first; if they are equal the middle cards are compared and finally the lowest cards.

For example K beats Q, which beats Q Pair - two cards of equal rank and one of a different rank, such as Q. When comparing two hands with a pair, the rank of the pair decides; if both hands have the equal pairs, the hand with the better odd card "kicker" wins. The Ante Bonus is paid to the Ante bet for a straight or better, regardless of whether the dealer has Queen high or better or not, and regardless of whose hand is superior during the ultimate showdown.

Players are invited to place it after the Ante and Play wager, which is in most casinos around the world the only way to enter the game. The only requirement for winning are the cards you receive. To be precise, a player who holds a Pair or better wins the wager. Their thrill is the chase, so let your optimal strategy for 3 Card Poker be the one that ensures the most enjoyment.

The secret formula to win at 3-Card Poker might not exist, but its rules are still among the easiest in the book. Learn those hands by heart, buy the first ticket to Las Vegas, and practice playing like a pro. From the long-gone card games of to the still-fresh casino thrills of today, 3-Card Poker has remained one of the simplest, fastest and most exciting chapters in the history of poker.

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Subscribe to our newsletter list and get the latest casino news, strategies and special offers sent directly to your inbox! Three Card Poker game has been around since the very beginning of the card game that is poker. Since its invention it has grown in popularity and is fair to say three card poker is among the most well-known casino games in the world. A few facts have helped the game grow in stature over the years: Unlike some casino games, three card poker is not just based on luck because there an element of skill involved in your hand selection, and Three Card Poker is not only easy but also fun too.

These elements have helped to ensure that three card poker is becoming one of the most popular table games in casinos around the work. Three card poker, a fun version of poker that was invented by Derek Webb in , is the version most people play when they head to their casino.

Three card poker isn't played against other players, instead, in three card poker where you play against the dealer you only have to be concerned with what your cards are and what the house's cards are. Making a mistake only punishes you and not your fellow players like at the Blackjack tables.

The house edge is relatively small in three card poker, usually around 3. Your best bet is at Three Card poker don't play the bonus call without looking.

Betting the pair plus option increases the house edge by more than 2.

How to play Three Card Poker