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It has been featured on Fox Sports and Yahoo! I have also had many comments about the advice on a player 16, composed of 3 or more cards, against a Hit — A player that hits is taking a card in an attempt to improve the hand. Why Play Blackjack Online? Of course, you are.

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Once the game became popular the heavy payout was removed but the name stuck. The Blackjack Has Many Online Variations If you decide to play the blackjack online you will find that there are many variations to the game offered by many online casinos.

Some of the most popular are as follows: Spanish 21 — this game does not use the tens of the card packet at all and offers high bonus payout for special combination.

Double exposure — in this game you could raise your bet even after the dealer has showed the 'up' card. Strip blackjack — in this game the loss is paid by removing of pieces of clothing from attractive models which provide another type of entertainment. The Strategies of Online Blackjack There is no difference between the online casino and real life casino strategies.

The strategy of card counting is totally acceptable as long as you utilize only your mind to do so, i. The advantage with the online blackjack is that you could play for points or cash which give you a chance to practice your skills if you are not comfortable to play with real money yet. You will find that with online blackjack there is plenty of game choice for which many people prefer it today to the real life one.

Since most online casinos operate on the same lines as the brick-and-mortar ones, those who are experts at the game in real life would enjoy playing the game online with the same advantage.

Most people actually love to play online better because there is no interruption or awareness of external factors like at real life casinos, where you would have to worry about money limit, time to go home, and the like. Whatever be your preference, your skill level, or the strategy you would always enjoy playing blackjack online. Not only that you could also win as much as you would win in any real life casinos.

For more great articles about online blackjack casinos check http: Two blackjack variations are significant and need detailed explanation. The first blackjack variation is the no hole card rule. Normally the dealer deals two cards to himself, the first of which is face up and the other face down. In blackjack parlance the face down card is known as the hole card. If his hole card has a value of ten then all players lose their bets. Under the blackjack rule of no hole card the dealer deals only one card to himself, which is face up.

Even if the face up card is an ace he does not deal a second card to check for blackjack. The players make their moves and only after all players have either busted or are standing does the dealer deal additional cards to himself.

The no hole card rule is disadvantageous to blackjack players. Players who place additional wagers for the double down or split blackjack moves lose double if the dealer gets a blackjack. Under normal blackjack rules the doubling or splitting moves take place after the dealer checks for blackjack. Most European blackjack casinos play the no hole card rule. The second important blackjack variation concerns on what hand value should the dealer stand. Normally the dealer draws on 16 and stands on However some blackjack casinos play with the dealer drawing on a soft A soft 17 in blackjack parlance is a hand value in which the ace is valued at Under the blackjack rule of drawing on soft 17, if the dealer busts he can convert the ace to a value of 1.

Let us say that the dealer has an ace and a six totaling to a soft He has to draw another card under the soft 17 rule. The ace takes the value of 1 and the hand value becomes Hence the dealer does not bust but draws yet another card. Some casinos in Las Vegas and Nevada play blackjack under this rule.

These rules seriously alter the optimal blackjack strategy and therefore players must verify the exact rules the game is being played under. Normally the rules are prominently displayed, but if not there should be no hesitation in checking out with the dealer. For more great articles about online black jack casinos check http: At a microgaming casino, there are lots of variations available for you to choose from.

A microgaming casino will offer the best variety of games. The lineup will vary from casino to casino, and you should do some research to find the casino that best fits your interests and skills. But there is no shortage of blackjack games to choose from. Each game has a variation on the basic blackjack rules. The basics are the same, however.

You are trying to get your cards to have a higher number than the dealer without going over The variations include different decks and different bets within the game.

Because there are so many options with blackjack a microgaming casino, the player has an opportunity to show around for the game that best suits what they are used to playing. In addition, you can play the different games to find out which one you are more comfortable with. When choosing a version of blackjack, take a few minutes to review the rules of each. There is no shortage of reference material online to help you make up your mind.

Blackjack is an appealing game on many levels; the basic rules are quickly understood, it's fast paced, and spending time at a blackjack table always seems to create a sensation. Also known as Twenty-One or Vingt-Et-Un, to our French neighbors and Pontoon, blackjack is the best-known online gambling game in the world. When it comes to gambling online, blackjack is appealing on a number of levels.

However, one facet of the game stands out as the most attractive is: In online gambling, blackjack has one basic premise, regardless of how the game is jazzed up. Essentially, when you sit down to play blackjack, your aim is to make a total of 21 or value below 21 that's better than the dealer's.

Sign up for a free account at one of our recommended casinos. Add your first deposit and select the blackjack version that you want to play. Make your first bet. The cards are dealt; one face up to the player and another face down to the dealer.

This is repeated until all cards are dealt left to right. The players should have two cards each before the dealer flips his card over. If the dealer does not have a blackjack, players will begin to play. Players can either hit, stand, double down or split. Whoever comes the closest to 21, without going over, wins the games. As a casino classic, blackjack has survived the test of time with ease, thanks to its unceasing charms. And what a test of time it has been.

While there are several variations of the game, the basic set of rules remains similar throughout all of them. The main aim of a game of blackjack is to collect cards with values adding up to 21 or less. If a player receives cards with values adding up to a figure over 21, he is considered 'bust' and his stake goes to the bank. Once you have grasped this essential rule of the game you can slowly work your way up to expertise in the finer points of blackjack. Here are some basic rules that you need to watch out for when playing the traditional game of blackjack.

It's the intricate rules which make blackjack a favorite game for strategic players. Calculating your chances of winning does not only depend on your own hand but also on that of the dealer, meaning a serious round of blackjack - whether with just one or multiple players - can easily turn into a merciless battle of wits and nerve.

To decide whether it is time to 'double down', 'split', or 'stand' and to learn the exact meaning of these blackjack terms move on to read about blackjack strategy. Blackjack will become a true delight once you have familiarized yourself with the possible strategies and rules - because this will allow you to focus on some very specific points of the game.

Options like 'Resplitting', ' Side Bets ', and the rules surrounding the fabled 'Soft 17' will be making your rounds of Blackjack even more interesting. As a player, aware of all the ins and outs of the game, it will only be a matter of time before that distinctive James Bond feeling will shed a warm glow on your game of Blackjack.

To learn the rules of blackjack and how they might affect what is called the House Advantage , enter our ten minute blackjack academy. However, before you rush off and delve into complex blackjack betting techniques, take a minute to run through the basic tenets of solid play.

There are various strategies that you can use to maximize your win at a game of blackjack. Using this strategy correctly is very smart. If you think your chance of winning is very poor, you can choose to surrender. There are two types of blackjack surrender; Later Surrender and Early Surrender. With late surrender, you can only surrender your hand after the dealer sees her hole card.

If the dealer has a blackjack, the surrender option is not available. With early surrender, players can surrender before the dealer checks for a blackjack. You can use this strategy when you are dealt two cards of the same value. You can split these two cards into two separate hands. This strategy is determined by the number of decks of cards and playing rules.

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